Who is eligible?

All state-maintained primary schools, academies, infant, junior and middle schools, special schools (including non-maintained special schools) and pupil referral units which have primary aged pupils 5-11 years (as reported in the 2013 school census) will receive funding.

How the funding will be paid

The sport funding will be included in the additional grant for schools (AGS). AGS is distributed to local authorities in late September or early October each year.

The allocations for each eligible school in the authority will be set out in a spreadsheet that will accompany the note on the conditions of grant for the initiatives being supported by the AGS.

Academies will receive their AGS directly from the Education Funding Agency (EFA).Eligible special schools will receive their funding directly from the Department’s special education needs and disability division.

Accounting for the spending

Schools will be held to account for how they spend the sport funding. Ofsted will strengthen its coverage of sport and PE within the inspection handbook and supporting guidance, so that schools and inspectors know how PE and sport will be assessed in future as part of the overall provision offered by the school.

The Children and Young People Strategic Group hosted through Merseyside Sports Partnership are keen to support schools by sharing examples of impact and sustainability across Merseyside and advocating the power of the Partnership.