‘The view from the board’- Sion Williams, Marketing Expert

In this first ever edition of ‘The view from the board’ MSP Advisory Board Member, Marketing Expert, Sion Williams, brings you his observations and highlights from the Summer MSP Board meeting.

“Jericho Lane Football Hub hosted the MSP’s Summer Advisory Board meeting, which also welcomed some of the MSP team and visitors from the NHS.

It was great to ‘kick off’ with Kenny our Research & Insight Officer, who took us through some very impressive Net Promoter Score® results. With a score of 65, those familiar with the NPS scoring system will know that, this demonstrates we are genuinely doing everything we can for our customers and that they recognise us for this. Kenny did some great work analysing the data and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this can help us to continue our improvement to the service we provide in the future.

One of my key highlights was to watch the success of the Level 3 Schools Games in Merseyside, ‘Spielberg’-style: a five minute clip has been made to encapsulate the Summer Festival day which I urge you all to watch here. We’d love to hear from any organisations which recognise the value that this has in terms of the lives of young people in Merseyside. So, if that sounds like you, please get in touch to organise a chat about how you could get involved next year, when we are looking to smash the Level 3 participation numbers of almost 3,000 children!  An enormous amount of work goes into these events making it too difficult to call out everyone, but you know who you are and on behalf of the board, we are sincerely grateful for all your hard work and determination to deliver this game-changing event.

We were joined later in this session by 2 guests: Dave Sweeney, Implementation Lead for the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership and Catherine McClennan, Programme Manager for the NHS (hosted by Halton Clinical Commissioning Group). The pair brought an interesting discussion to the table and it was eye-opening to understand how many institutions have common goals and interests. If we can unite everyone’s vision for the future and work more collaboratively we can all make a real difference to the health and wellbeing for all. I’m definitely interested in the developments and the relationships we can build as a key stakeholder/partner in driving change across not just Liverpool and Merseyside, but showcase real change to inspire other counties and regions across the UK.

On that note I’ll wrap up this first ever ‘View from the board. The MSP team will be asking a different board member to present their perspective for each future session, so that you get a feel for the diverse perspectives that come together on the MSP Advisory Board to check and challenge the organisation.”


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