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If you are a young person or a parent, carer or guardian looking for a club suitable for young people it is the policy of Merseyside Sport Partnership to only recommend those clubs which are 'Clubmark accredited'.

'Clubmark accredited' clubs have achieved nationally recognised standards with regards to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and young people. These standards demonstrate that the club is committed to ensuring that safety and welfare of children, or young people, is paramount, and that every effort is made to provide a safe environment. Clubs which achieve accreditation have in place specific policies and procedures aimed at minimising any potential risk and are committed to ensuring that they adopt best practice with regard to providing activities for children and young people.

For those clubs which are not 'Clubmark accredited', and do not meet the nationally recognised standards, safeguarding and welfare policies may not be in place. It is the policy of Merseyside Sports Partnership not to recommend any of these clubs to children or young people.

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