Constituted community clubs involved in sports and physical activity within Merseyside can have access to regular local support from Merseyside Sports Partnership and the network of local Club Development Officers.

As a network we will;

1. Provide support and advice from Sports Development professionals when required.

2. Signpost your club towards funding opportunities to support growth and sustainability.

3. Provide professional support and advice with completing funding applications.

4. Provide access to local coaching conferences and forums.

5. Provide access to local club conferences, forums and fairs.

6. Support your clubs with coach and volunteer workforce development.

7. Promote your club through local and partnership media.

8. Promote via the Merseyside Sports Partnership website.


Clubmark Clubs

In addition to the club promise our Merseyside Clubs with local accreditation and Sport

England / National Governing Body Clubmark will be able to access an enhanced offer.

This involves:

1. Provide support and advice for engaging with local schools

2. Provide support and advice around building capacity within your club

3. Provide enhanced coach and volunteer workforce development

4. Support your desire to continuously improve by being the driving force for new projects and new developments

5. Become the National Governing Body priority clubs, drive local priorities and top the list for investment.

For more information please contact your local club development officer or contact Merseyside Sports Partnership on 0151 427 3889.