History of the UK Coaching Framework

The UK Coaching Framework is not a ‘new’ initiative: it is a further enhancement of the coaching agenda which builds upon the extensive work of the Coaching Task Force and Home Country Sports Council and Governing Body of Sport plans.

sports coach UK conducted extensive consultation leading to the formulation of the UK Coaching Framework which was officially endorsed and launched at the 3rd UK Coaching Summit in 2008.

The UK Coaching Framework provides the reference point for developing a system to take coaching in the UK towards being a world-leading system by 2016.

Vision and Outcomes of the UK Coaching Framework

The UK Coaching Framework will deliver many long-held aspirations for coaching. Most importantly it will enhance the quality of the sporting experience at every level for children, players and athletes, and deliver on key government objectives. This work will build on the excellent foundation that has been set in recent years across our leading sports and in each of the four home nations.

sports coach UK are responsible for working with and supporting all partners to make this vision an exciting new reality.

The vision of the UK Coaching Framework is to:

  • Create a cohesive, ethical, inclusive and valued coaching system where skilled coaches support children, players and athletes at all stages of their development in sport.
  • Become world number one by 2016.

The UK Coaching Framework will:

  • Enhance the quality of coaching at all stages
  • Provide active, skilled and qualified coaches to meet demand

This will lead to:

  • Sustained and increased participation
  • Improved performances in sport underpinned by clear career structures for coaches within

A Phased Approach

In order to break down the work and provide a structured approach three delivery phases have been identified, each of which run concurrently, ending in the March of the financial years 2008/09, 2012/13 and 2016/17

  • Building the Foundations: 3 years – 2006-2009
  • Delivering the Goals: 7 years – 2006-2013
  • Transforming the System: 11 years – 2012-2017


Strategic Action Areas

The consultation process undertaken during the development of the UK Coaching Framework identified key themes that are built upon in Five Strategic Action Areas, supported by 12 Specific Action Areas, to guide and accelerate developments.

The five Strategic Action Areas are:

  • The UK Coaching System
  • Front-line Coaching
  • Support for Coaches
  • A professionally regulated vocation
  • Research and development

Key Pillars

The UK Coaching Framework identifies four key resource pillars required to target investment and increase resource capacity, factors that will have a direct impact on stakeholders’ ability to improve the coaching system. The key pillars are.

  • Capacity for the deployment and employment of coaches
  • Capacity of governing bodies of sport and other relevant organizations to design, deliver and quality assure inclusive coaching and coach-education systems on a local, regional, national and UK-wide basis
  • Education and Continuous Professional Development of coaches
  • Capacity and alignment of funding, policy and other complementary support agencies

For further information on The UK Coaching Framework and to download an Executive Summary of the document please visit: http://www.sportscoachuk.org/