Merseyside Sports Partnership is fully committed to supporting all coaches in order to ensure that they have every possible opportunity to develop, progress and truly realise their full potential.

In order to support this commitment, Merseyside Sports Partnership aims to develop Coaching Merseyside in order that it will become the ‘one stop shop’ for coaches who are looking to develop and progress further.

Through signing up to Coaching Merseyside you will become a member of a virtual network of sport coaches. As a result of becoming a member of our virtual network you will:

  • Be able to build a profile of coaching activity recording placements undertaken, detailing qualifications achieved and hours delivered,
  • Receive information on specific coaching support and development opportunities available personalised to the needs identified in your profile,
  • Be notified of bursary schemes and other funding opportunities,
  • Notification of job or coaching opportunities in Merseyside and the North West.

By joining this virtual network you will also help Merseyside Sports Partnership, and our partners, to better understand your coaching needs: equally it will help us to better respond through the support and development opportunities which we make available in the future.

Coaching Merseyside also provides a unique management tool for those responsible for the deployment of sports coaches to monitor and evaluate coaching activity. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities to make use of the system in order to manage and deploy your coaches please contact our Coaching Development Manager.

To access Coaching Merseyside and join the network click on the link: