Coaching is fundamental to the development of sport at every level. From playgrounds, leisure centres and local playing fields to the arenas and stadiums of the world, passionate, enthusiastic and committed coaches provide the inspiration, motivation and development support to athletes of all levels and abilities to ensure they have the opportunities to realise their potential, succeed and above all enjoy the sporting experience.

Coaches are in a unique position: they have the opportunity to change lives and enable individuals to achieve their dreams. From supporting development of the underpinning building blocks of physical literacy – Agility, Balance and Co-ordination – to providing the skills and knowledge required to participate, progress and compete: the coach’s role is fundamental at all stages of an individual’s sporting experience.

There are many differing benefits which sports coaches can enjoy from the coaching experience these include:

  • An increased sense of purpose and opportunity for personal fulfilment.
  • Improved communication skills and the opportunity to enhance personal effectiveness.
  • Opportunities to build confidence and increased self esteem.
  • Discovering a work life balance that is even more satisfying and fulfilling.
  • Learning ways to handle challenging issues: gaining experiences, skills and knowledge which can be used in all aspects of life.
  • Building strong and lasting relationships.
  • Sharing the experiences, successes and emotional highs and lows with the athletes through all stages of their sporting journey.

Merseyside Sports Partnership is fully committed to supporting all coaches in order to ensure that they have every possible opportunity to develop, progress and truly realise their full potential. This section is dedicated to detailing some of the support available to you as a coach whether you are looking at starting out on the coaching journey or are looking to develop and progress further.