Applications invited for the role of MSP Director

Are you one of life’s movers and shakers? Have you got the ability to inspire not only a team of committed experts, but also more than 1.5 million people? Can you offer bags of energy, not least because you understand the benefits of being active for more than 150 minutes a week?

As Director of MSP you’ll be responsible for unlocking the power of sport and physical activity across the whole of the Liverpool City Region, working towards our 5 key strategic outcomes.

If you’re looking for a flavour of what that’ll mean day-to-day, why not try on some of the unofficial ‘hats’ that come with the role for size?…

There’s ‘Happiness Generator’, ‘Crime Fighter’ and ‘Mental Wellbeing Champion’…

…‘Skills Grower’, ‘Network Knitter’ and ‘Business Booster’…

…and even ‘Illness Crusher’ and ‘Economy Enhancer’

If you like the sound of all those alter egos you’ll be pleased to know that hitting the ground running with them (sorry, we couldn’t resist!), will be easy, thanks to the strong, well-established team, board and network who’ll surround you. And, whilst you’ll want to drive the direction going forward, you’ll have a clear roadmap to get you started, in the form of a clearly defined mission, vision, values and identity.


MSP is the only strategic organisation dedicated to unlocking the power of sport and physical activity across the whole of the Liverpool City Region.

By providing leadership and expertise, plus access to a well-developed network of partners and funders, we create the conditions that enable people to be active every day.

Our Vision: To inspire all people to be active every day

Our Mission: Working together to improve the quality of life for all people through sport and physical activity

MSP is one of 43 Active Partnerships across the country. We work towards 5 key outcomes to ensure:

  • lives are enriched
  • wellbeing is improved
  • communities and networks are strengthened
  • the economy is enhanced
  • skills for life are developed


Below is everything you need know to decide if the role is right for you, plus, access to all the paperwork to tell us why you’re right for the role.

Important dates if you’re applying:

  • Closing date for applications: 25th April 2019
  • Shortlisting: 29th April 2019
  • Stakeholder panel interview: 23rd May 2019 – Venue, Cunard Building, Liverpool
  • Board Interview: 24th May 2019 – Venue Cunard Building Liverpool

For any questions you may have about this role please contact Cathy Griffiths, Divisional Manager, Targeted Services for Communities and Young People, Sport and Recreation

0151 233 7026

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