Active Sefton Couch to 5k Community Programme

Starting today at Litherland Sports Park (6pm) is the Active Sefton Couch to 5k programme. The 10 week programme being followed is detailed below, along with some further information about the sessions. Active Sefton look forward to helping you improve your fitness week by week, to complete 5km.

The goal at the end of the 10 weeks is to take the group to parkrun at Crosby on 17th March, which is a free, timed, 5k taking place every Saturday morning at 9am. A flyer is below regarding parkrun along with details of how to register, which can be done by following this link: Or

If you have any questions regarding the programme, or any feedback for Active Sefton, please feel free to contact the team via this email, or on 0151 934 2340. Please encourage your friends and family to come along, you can join the programme at any time, and the more sessions you come to, the more improvement you will see!

Active Sefton look forward to seeing you on Monday 8th January at 6pm, come rain or shine! They’ll only ever cancel the session in extreme weather, or if the track is icy and dangerous – if this was the case they will update their social media pages, please follow them on Twitter: @activesefton or Facebook: Active Sefton.



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