Engaging your employees in physical activity and sport is vital in creating an efficient and effective organisation.

The World Health Organisation has already identified physical inactivity globally as the fourth biggest killer, costing the UK economy over £5.4bn every year in absenteeism.  At work, 59% of men and 54% of women spend more than five hours a day desk-bound or sitting down, contributing towards a more sedentary lifestyle.

Merseyside Sports Partnership provide a comprehensive Workplace Offer to help your employees to become more physically active.


Why physical activity is important for your workplace

  • Physically active people take 27% fewer days off sick4, are more productive and are generally more motivated at work
  • Evidence shows that providing physical activity opportunities in the workplace can improve sleep quality, energy and reduce stress levels
  • Investing in your employee’s wellbeing can boost morale and team spirit, demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Encouraging staff to engage in active travel helps the environment by reducing your CO2 footprint


Merseyside Sports Partnership offer a comprehensive Workplace Offer, including:

  • Access to funding to provide a tailored programme of physical activity at your workplace
  • Workplace Challenge programme for employees to log their physical activity
  • Training and development opportunities to upskill employees in health awareness or coaching
  • Ongoing support and access to local events and campaigns e.g. Merseyside Business Games


To view the Merseyside Sports Partnership Offer Brochure please click here.

If you would like to find out how we can support your workplace to keep active please contact –

Danny Woodworth

Physical Activity and Sports Officer for Adults

0151 728 1811