Hoof is the British Equestrian Federation’s (BEF) Olympic and Paralympic legacy campaign which aims to encourage more people to take up horse riding, driving, vaulting and volunteering. By connecting people to riding centres, schools, clubs and equestrian sporting organisations, Hoof is helping more people to discover horses, get fit and improve their wellbeing.

Take Back The Reins

Aimed at adult riders who may have ridden in the past, Take Back the Reins is a seven week series of riding lessons that provides specifically designed coaching and a customer centred approach to support a rider’s first steps back into the saddle. To find out where you can take back the reins please visit www.hoofride.co.uk or check out the centres delivering this fantastic programme in Surrey:

Health and fitness benefits of riding

Riding benefits everyone – men and women, old and young, able-bodied and disabled, it will help you improve fitness, build muscle tone, promote muscle strength and lose weight. This sport is highly social, fun, interactive and mentally stimulating and expends sufficient energy to be classed as moderate-intensity exercise. This is the level of activity that, when achieved for 150 minutes a week, is said to keep you healthy.

Fitness Facts:

  • Horse riding improves your sense of wellbeing:  it has the same antidepressant effects, similar to a “runner’s high”, associated with a drop in stress hormones
  • Horse riding is a natural stimulator of the hormone serotonin:  Serotonin is a natural mood enhancer which leads to a feeling of well being during and after exercise!
  • Horse riding tones the transverse abdominal muscles, these are the deepest layers of muscle that encase your midsection; strengthening leads to a stronger core and a toned stomach.
  • Horse riding promotes better sleep. Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and even deepen your sleep.
  • Mucking out a stable burns up to 80 calories per 10 minutes: that’s the equivalent of going for a 10 minute swim!
  • Schooling a horse for an hour burns up to 360 calories, that’s the equivalent to going for a 30 minute jog!
  • Hacking out burns around 240 calories per hour, the equivalent to going for a steady half hour cycle or an hour long walk!
  • Horse riding involves working at 55 to 75% of your maximum heart rate, and so boosts your cardiovascular health!

Hoof Business Networks

Hoof is working to not only increase the numbers of people riding, it is also supporting business through advice and support. To find out how Hoof could help your equestrian centre please contact anne.clarke@bef.co.uk or call 07912 387412.

External Links

The Hoofride website is a signposting tool for those keen to get in the saddle. It not only provides prospective riders with a unique mapping facility directing them to local riding centres but also provides a jargon buster, an overview of each equestrian sport and gives ideas of ways to get involved via volunteering, career paths and business support

The British Equestrian Federation is the recognised governing body of horse sports in the UK. Through its eighteen members (fifteen full members and three associate members) the BEF represents and works to promote the interests of the 4.2 million riders and carriage drivers in Britain.

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